About Me!

Hello everyone,

My name is Breanna. I am a current OT/OS student . This isn't just who I am , it is a way of life.

Education and Experience-
I'm currently an Occupational Therapy/Science major. I'm experienced with tutoring on all levels from preschool to collegiate. I have tutored several subjects across the board and have a high success rate. I have worked in daycares, schools (elementary, middle and high schools). Also, I have assisted college level students with their degrees from Associates to PhD. Furthermore , I have volunteered with different medical fields from nursing , physical therapy and occupational therapy. I do tutor also hence why I have tutoring in this bio.

California born and raised. Youngest child. Only girl , apart of the USC trojan family. Love sports , shopping and anything that involves going out and having fun . Twenty years young . I am short . I love children .


  1. I really like your website. I am a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in GA. I work with OTs on a regular basis and I commend you on the work that you do. Please visit my new blog site at mommatude.webs.com



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